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Ontario Public Library Week in Review!

discover your worl through your library posterWe enjoyed free coffee and treats. We sold books. We bought books.
We heard heart-wrenching stories of AIDS orphans and their courageous grandmothers living in Africa. We laughed out loud at the dialogue of the Dave Carley play Writing with our Feet.

National Bullying Awareness Week

National Bullying Awareness Week begins on Monday November 17.  Thousands of Thames Valley students and staff will be wearing pink T-shirts and other pink clothing as a sign that they are standing up against bullying behaviour and to show support for students who are victims of bullying. This "Sea of Pink" campaign was started by two boys in Nova Scotia . London Public Library has books to read with young children being bullied, books for older children about bullying and books for their parents and teachers. Find out about these and other information on our Bullying page in our Raising a Family section.

Rotary Reading Garden now closed for the winter

The Rotary Reading Garden at the Central Library is now closed for the season and will re-open in the Spring.

Hilary Bates Neary - 2008 Friend of the Year

Hilary Bates Neary cutting her celebration cakeHilary Bates Neary was named the 2008 Friend of the Year at the Friends AGM and 15th Anniversary Celebration on September 23rd. In her years of volunteer service to the London Public Library, Hilary has taken on almost every role available. She served two terms (1991-1997) as trustee on the London Public Library Board. Beginning as the Library Board’s representative, Hilary served as an executive member of Friends for well over a decade – as secretary, vice-president, president, and past president. During this time Hilary was involved in