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LOL: Summer Reading

LOL: Laugh Out Loud, this year's TD Summer Reading Club, is off to a great start. In the first 2 weeks of play, we registered a total of 3378 children at our locations across the city, and every day the number grows. In addition, we have been out to 4 different sites to bring the program to kids who wouldn't ordinarily be able to easily get to the Library. These visits, with more to come, will be regular ones... either weekly or biweekly. The kids love the theme and are really getting into the swing of things!

Introducing the London Public Library's Road Show

photo of library road show trailerLPL is taking its show on the road this summer…literally! Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you, the LIBRARY ROAD SHOW will feature a small collection of children’s books and summer reads for adults and will offer exciting community programs like storytimes, puppet shows, crafts and other fun activities.

We'll be closed for Canada Day!

Central Library only, as usual, will be open regular operating hours from 9 am - 9 pm on Monday, June 30. All locations will be closed on Tuesday, July 1. Regular operating hours resume on Wednesday, July 2.

We make Summer Reading Fun!

LOL laugh out loud logo with smiley face oReading over the summer has great benefits for children. They don't lose skills they learned over the school year so they are ready for a successful start at the new school year in September  AND they are reading books they are interested in which helps to foster a lifelong love of reading.  This year's TD Summer Reading Club, "Laugh Out Loud", continues our great tradition of connecting children with reading through the summer months. Last  year, over 6000 children signed up in London.

I've heard about it but I'm not sure exactly what it is?

Children sign up at any library location beginning this Saturday, June 21. Each time they visit the library during playing times though the summer, they tell us about or hand in a basic activity sheet (the young ones love to draw pictures!) about a book they've read. Then they roll the dice and move "their" piece on a playing board. The spot they land on guides them to choose a certain kind of book - maybe a mystery or a book with red on the cover. They also win a prize each time they play the game. Kids love choosing their prizes! In addition, children are entered into draws for weekly prizes, such as swimming pool passes and toys. The game can be played until August 16.