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About My Library

London Public Library’s Vision

London Public Library is the Community Hub that strengthens individuals, families and neighbourhoods by connecting them to people and  to relevant information, collections, programs and resources.

London Public Library’s Mission

We are passionate about making a difference in our community, one person at a time, by enriching lives and empowering people through relevant, accessible, high quality Library services.

2010-2013 London Public Library Strategic Plan:
Enriching Lives & Empowering People

London Public Library (LPL) is entrusted with the responsibility of providing library services that enhance the quality of life for Londoners’. The LPL Strategic Plan will serve as the compass that sets the direction and maps priorities for the Library’s work of achieving its Vision, Mission and Service Excellence Model.

As we take the next steps, library staff will engage individuals and community groups in the implementation of action plans for appropriate strategic initiatives. Dialogue will occur in various ways:

  • one-on-one conversations
  • community forums
  • focus groups
  • advisory committees
  • action committees
  • public surveys
  • feedback forms
  • meetings
  • delegations

This engagement process will ensure that the outcomes of the LPL Strategic Plan will be the expression of the vision, ideas, needs and expectations of our community.

We look forward to your support and participation as we move forward with our goal of enriching lives and empowering people in the community through the LPL 2010-2013 Strategic Plan. Thanks for helping us in our journey to provide relevant, accessible, high quality library services!

Past Strategic Plans