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Is it Graffiti or Street Art?

An interesting new show has recently opened at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto entitled:  "Housepaint, Phase 2: Shelter  -- the first exhibition on the subject of street art in a major Canadian Museum".

The show is made up of ten painted canvas houses.  Each shack-like structure is painted by a well known Canadian street artist.  The show will change over the course of the months (it closes in July 2009) as new works will respond to those preceding them.  Street art is such a common sight in our cities, admired by some and hated by others. One of the intentions of this exhibit is to ask whether  "street art is a legitimate form of art that should be shown in a museum".   Visitors to the exhibit will really have to decide that question for themselves.

If this is a subject that is of interest to you, have a look at some of the Library's collection of titles on this topic  here and then decide for yourself!!