Getting the job you really want

Getting the job you really want is tough these days especially with the current economic crisis but the real question that poses is do you know what you really want ? And are you good at it ?

Job seekers nowadays are busy updating resumes, cover letters and preparing for interviews that they totally forget to choose the job they really want and they're good at. The first main step in a good job search is definitely to discover what you're best at, set realistic goals and then make successful career choices. To help you more to prepare for this step the library has many good books that you can search in the catalogue such as : Discover what you're best at or Getting the job you really want.

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You can also visit any Employment Resource Center and try the "Career Cruising" Tool that the library has. The "Career Cruising" Tool is a software that allows you to do a personality test, create a Portfolio as well as many other great options.

Update: As of July 7, 2012  all Employment Resource Centres closed at London Public Library. We continue to help with information and tools to assist your search for work. Find out more.

Nabila Barakat / ERC Facilitator