Networking is essential in finding a job you like

It always amazes me how people can find a job when they are not even looking for it. I have encountered many cases when, while echanging information, patrons have informed others about employment opportunities which have not been advertised online nor in the newspapers. Other times, I have seen ads posted in store fronts, restaurants, etc. looking for employees. Many times, it is through an innocent chat, that we get to the topic of "did you know..."

  • so-and-so is looking for thi type of a person
  • this place is hiring
  • this company just opened up, etc.

Refresh your contacts and try to think outside of the box. Expand your area of the interest. Think of where  you can find the most information about the type of work you are interested in pursuing.

Here are some books on networking you may want to browse:

Networking for job search  and career success

The networking survival guide: get the success you want by tapping into the people you know

A foot in the door: networking your way into the hidden job market


If you prefer a more visual way of learning about networking  and its impact on finding employment, we also have a DVD: From pink slip to paycheck. Networking your way to a new job."

Good luck!