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Are interested in learning a new language? Or maybe you are travelling to a foreign country where you would like to know some basic words to communicate with the residents. Then, London Public Library's Mango Languages is for you. Learning a new language has never been easier or more fun. The Mango Language database is an online interactive teaching system that teaches actual conversation skills for 12 different languages. It is very easy to use and you will see incredible results after just one lesson! Mango Languages is the place to go to have fun while learning a foreign language.

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Mango Languages

I am thrilled that our library offers this service. I have been recommending to everyone I know - or don't!


Amazing New Database

Recently, I had been talking about relearning French.  When I was in France a couple of years ago, I was distressed by the fact that I couldn't communicate, despite having taken French until grade 11.  I have started using Mango Languages at home as a convienent way to relearn the French skills I have lost.  It is amazing to have access to these tutorials at home, free of charge - all I need is my library card. jk/wt

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