A Tale of Two Countries

book cover imageImagine two countries - polar opposites in every way.

Ixia, a military nation with one leader, one commander, where your job is identified by the clothing you wear. Everything from marriage to travel needs a permit - but everyone has a job. Magic is outlawed and punishable by death.

Sitia, a nation ruled by a council of magicians - those with magic rule, and those without are left to find a place for themselves, or wind up on the street.

With strong female characters the Study and Glass series by Maria V. Snyder explore a world on the brink of war, where no society is better than the other, where plots and intreague twist and turn, and where above all, the heart rules.

If you enjoy your fantasy with a mix of politics and espionage, you will love these books! Look for more titles in the Glass series early this fall.