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The ups and downs of it all!

You may be looking for some strategic ways to invest your money or you might be wondering how to survive in your current situation. Either way there are some really good books to help you out no matter where you currently sit on the financial ladder. A very popular resource is Sarah Ban Breathnach's book Peace and Plenty which is a voice of comfort to many who are trying to maintain a happy and comfortable home when they are worried about making the next mortgage payment.  If you have some savings and are looking to invest you should check out Burton G. Malkiel's A Random Walk down Wall Street which is an authoritative and perennialy best-selling guide to investing.  The first edition established itself as a must read before starting an investment portfolio and the new edition is fully revised and updated featuring new material on the global credit crisis and emerging markets. Malkiel discusses, in a readable manner, everything from stocks and bonds to solid assets like collectibles and home ownership. The book will help you plot your way through the financial market whether you are just starting out or retired and looking for some investment strategies. Eduardo Porter's The Price of Everything brings it all together with his discussion of supply and demand and the affect that has on pricing to the emotional factors that are tied to our purchases. This will help you understand your own spending strategies. You might just see how your emotions might be preventing you from making prudent decions about your own welfare.  In this global economy with endless things available for purchase and rising prices on everything making the right decison and investing wisely requires getting sound advice. So, up or down, rising or falling, London Public Library books, and programs like Women and Investing, will help you manage at this stage and plan for the next.