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Dharma and Psychotherapy

Join us on Thursday, July 14 at 7 pm in the Stevenson & Hunt meeting room for a talk of Bhante Kovida: Dharma and Psychotherapy: using the Buddha's teaching to overcome mental and emotional suffering. The Buddha was a spiritual psychologist and psychotherapist, and in teaching the Dharma he wanted us to have a better understanding of the human condition and the nature of mental-emotional suffering. Mind training and cultivation, mindfulness help us to deal more effectively with our mental-emotional states, to react less and instead of being overwhelmed and confused by them maintain patience and peace.Bhante Kovida has studied, along with a Buddhism,  Indian history and culture, Hatha Yoga and meditation, classical Indian music, and Science. He took ordination with Venerable Balangoda Anandamaitreya, a noted scholar, teacher and meditation practitioner in Sri Lanka, in January, 1991. Since then he has traveled the world studying and teaching the dharma. A book sale will follow.

The event is free. No registration required