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Nature or Nurture - April series of psychology talks

The Nurture versus Nature debate is out of date. Join us for the series of lectures in which members of the UWO Psychology Department will share their research showing that humans are neither the exclusive product of our biology nor environment, but rather their interplay. Central Library, Stevenson & Hunt room A, all Thursdays in April at 7 pm.

April 5 - What can twins tell us about human behaviour?

April 12 - Children's emotional development: biological influences in social context

April 19 - How cultural experiences shape brain function: evidence from reading and math

April 26 - The effects of music on brain and body

All sessions are FREE of charge. Two hour validated parking in Citi Plaza during the library hours

Our collection offers:

Monkeyluv : and other essays on our lives as animals  by Robert M. Sapolsky

Nature via nurture : genes, experience, and what makes us human  by Matt Ridley

The blank slate : the modern denial of human nature  by Steven Pinker

The dependent gene : the fallacy of "nature vs. nurture"  by David S. Moore

...and more


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