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Ways to Find a Job in Tough Times

It is more important than ever to set yourself apart to secure that job during these tough economic times.  Preparation, a clear plan of action, resilience and optimism are crucial factors to create a more productive job search.  Here are a few ways to find a job in tough times:

1.  Always have an updated resume.  This allows you to take advantage of opportunities as soon as you learn about them.

2.  Don't limit your search to only "available" positions.  Spend time researching companies and make connections with people who work there.

3.  Focus 90% of your job search on networking.  Be positive and reach out to your network in a way that makes people want to recommend or hire you.  Instead of complaining how frustrating your job search has been, talk about what types of positions are appealing to you and what kinds of challenges you are eager to take on.

4.  Send an email to all of your close business contacts and friends  about your job search.  Keep this short, positive and professional and include a short description of what types of positions you are interested in pursuing.

5.  Attend events hosted by professional organizations and alumni associations.  Stay relevant in your field and/or industry.

6.  Keep your online image clean.  Employers are researching job applicants online in increasing numbers.  Information employers find online may impact whether or not that candidate is offered a position.

7.  Appreciate informational interviews.  Some job seekers feel that informational interviews are a waste of time, but they can actually be useful.  The person you talk to today might think of the perfect position for you in a week or two, or recommend you to a friend.

8.  Be friendly and meet new people.  You never know who is looking to fill a position that you would be perfect for!