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More Green, More Cash back

When it comes to buying, fixing or taking care of your home you might feel like you have learned all the energy efficient information there is to learn. Possibly, you  may even have started flipping past newspaper and magazine articles that have any of the words green or eco-anything in the title.  But now is not the time to stop learning or paying attention because green equals cash in your pocket. Even Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has "gone green" and is offering a ten-percent discount on your mortgage insurance and an extended amortization period without surcharge when buying an energy efficient home. As more businesses, industries and government agencies get on board with providing savings and discounts for eco-friendly consumers and home owners it is a good time to watch for these initiatives. When energy costs account for around 15% of your shelter costs it is prudent to cash in on any eco or green incentives that will reduce your expenses and put cash back in your pocket to improve your bottom line.  To help you along, come and borrow one of  London Public Library's many Kill-a-watt monitors (with instruction booklet) to learn just how much energy different appliances are using in your home.