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The Library’s ERCs are now closed and you’re probably thinking ‘where do I go from here?’ Well, you can start by visiting our Programs and Events  page to find out about career information sessions and workshops @ the Library. These activities are designed to:

  • Connect you to Career Services experts; and
  • Help you find, and land that job!

Remember, you can still use the library for your general job searching needs; all you need is a free library card which will give you (90) minutes a day on the public computers. If you need to print your documents however, there is a cost attached of 10 cents (10¢) per page.

Feel free to check with Library staff if you need help with using or locating resources such as books, DVDs, website links and other materials to support you in your job search. If you need additional help or access to free resources like free faxing and printing, you can go to one of the employment service agencies scattered around the city. See the Job Search Assistance in London to find one on our website.


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