Vitality Health Network presents....

Are you interested in alternative approach to your health? Join us on Tuesday, September 25 in the Stevenson & Hunt room at 7 pm for a program titled:Vitality Health Network presents four approaches to health. We will meet four local practitioners who will present  talks on:  testing and relieving food intolerances, homeopathy, shamanic healing, and bowen therapy.

Free, No registration required

If you want to learn more on those topics try our collection:

Bowtech : the original Bowen technique by Manfred Zainzinger, Sabine Knoll, The chakras in shamanic practice : eight stages of healing and transformation by Susan J. Wright , Shamanic wisdomkeepers : shamanism in the modern world by Timothy Freke, Whole foods to thrive : nutrient-dense, plant-based recipes for peak health by Brendan Brazier, The quantum doctor : a quantum physicist explains the healing power of integrative medicine by Amit Goswami, Easy homeopathy : the 7 essential remedies you need for common illnesses and first aid by Edward Shalts, with Stephanie Gunning

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