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Here Comes Career Cruising 2.0!

The Career Cruising electronic database, is a comprehensive, streamlined, interactive, career guidance tool that enables you to explore, plan and chart a way forward to a successful career… or two.


- provides access to detailed occupation profiles and comprehensive post-secondary education information to help you navigate your career path

- assesses your likes and dislikes, and then finds careers that match up with your interests

- lets you find and explore careers based on a variety of criteria, like earnings, favourite subjects at school, core tasks performed etc.

- allows you to see, not only which colleges and universities in all of Canada, offer programs particular to your interests, but the level of certification given

- allows you to search for postings on thousands of job boards and company websites, using a detailed job search tool

- gives resume help and samples; do’s and don’ts for Cover Letters and Thank You Letters; Interview Skills guidance; advice on how to handle job offers;  how to be a success on the job…

AND much more!

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Available from your Library!  Check it out!   Spread the word!


~ Lana