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A Circle of Friends: The Doreen Curry Collection

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From June 1947 until February 1989 Doreen Curry worked as a Librarian at London Public Library.  In addition to her amazing career which included her years as Music Librarian, she also became acquainted with many of London's visual artists, assisting them with research on topics related to their art.  "..She attended their exhibitions and purchased their work, ultimately amassing a collection of over 40 artworks. A self-imposed rule to acquire works only from artists she knew personally", many of whom were poor and struggling at that time "led to close and ongoing associations."
Now Doreen has donated many of her wonderful artworks to the McIntosh Gallery at Western University here in London, including works by well known artists such as Paterson Ewen, Ron Benner, Greg Curnoe, Murray FavroRon Martin and Jamelie Hassan.
In honour of her donation, the McIntosh Gallery is hosting an exhibition open to all entitled: A Circle of Friends : the Doreen Curry Collection which will be on display from April 15 - May 11, 2013.  Enjoy this wonderful show if you can!



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