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The Cloud Dancer

book cover image Jane's All the World's Aircraft 2011-2012

"Conventional small autogryro configurations, including fixed fin and tailplanes. Rotor Flight Dynamics. Dragonwing rotor and head. Cardan drive and shaft to rotor head."  These are just a few of the highlights of the one or two seater Cloud Dancer featured in Jane's All the World's Aircraft 2011-2012. Here is a web picture of Cloud Dancer to pique your interest. For details on this as well as other new aircraft such as the Gobosh 700's, the Singaporean Boeing F-15SG Eagle or the amphibious Dornier S-Ray 007 stop by at Central Library and take a look.  You will learn just about anything you need to know about these craft.  And the colour photos are great. The Jane's series includes other forms of transportation including railways, marine transport and fighting ships.

By the way, the Cloud Dancer can be yours for a mere $46,000+ for a one seater and $82,000+ for a two seater.  Way out of my league, but it is fun to read and dream.