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Can the body really heal itself?

book cover Mind over medicine : scientific proof you can heal yourself

Western-trained physician Lissa Rankin has pored over hundreds of studies from medical journals to find proof that there are clear physiological indicators demonstrating that the mind has the ability and power to flip on and off self repair mechanisms.  But how do you activate the body's natural self-healing mechanisms while shutting off the processes that predispose you to illness? In Mind over medicine : scientific proof you can heal yourself  Dr. Rankin provides practical techniques you can use to help heal your body as well as steps to help you uncover where you might be making unhealthy choices that can contribute to illness and disease.  While you know that there are many people who have for years demonstrated the ability of the mind to control the action and reaction of the body (walking on coals comes to mind) you can now have the step-by-step instructions to make your body reverse or resist disease.  This is definitely one body health book worth investigating.