Found all the Waldos?

Book Cover Image - Find Momo

Who is Momo you ask? Well Momo is Andrew Knapp's Border Collie. And he just happens to like to hide. And he sits really still while Andrew takes a picture of him.....lots of pictures. Andrew started sharing them with his Instagram friends.....who shared them with their friends.... who shared it with.... and in a few weeks there were more than 50,000 followers! Blogs and news outlets picked up the story as well. And it grew into a book - Find Momo: Hide and Seek With an Adventurous Border Collie.

"Watching the photos go viral was fascinating. Maybe it's the photography, or maybe it's the game of hide-and-seek. I would hope it's a mix of the two."

Andrew is a very talented photographer. His choice of backgrounds for the Momo photos are eye catching before you even begin to look for Momo. And looking for Momo is fun - and not as easy as you would think in some photos.

Find Momo is just one of those quirky books you can't help but read. And enjoy. If you liked finding Waldo, you'll love finding Momo. The little tidbits that Andrew shares about Momo are fun and Knapp himself is pretty interesting.  I'd would love to take a road trip on backroads with my dog as well! ~~Luanne~~