The Mindfulness Movie in Central Library

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Mindfulness, a meditation technique with its roots in the Eastern meditation practices is getting more and more popular in Western countries. In the late ‘70s Jon Kabat Zinn started to use this technique with chronic pain patients. Since then universities, researchers, and general public all over the world are using it very successfully. After years of research, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy has been recognized as effective as antidepressants in preventing depression relapse. Organizations like the US Army, Google, General Mills and Silicon Valley businesses have corporate mindfulness programs for their employees . Would you like to know more about Mindfulness? Join us on Wednesday, March 19 at 7 pm in the Stevenson & Hunt meeting room in Central Library for the screening of the Mindfulness Movie; a  Paul Harrison documentary. Come and learn from a group of 35 experts in neuroscience, psychiatry, relationships, sports psychology and quantum physics about this ancient technique.