From soap bubbles to submarines

book cover national geographic science of everything

With the new encyclopedic volume of information found in the National Geographic science of everything : how things work in our world : from cell phones, soap bubbles & vaccines to GPS, x-rays & submarines you will find something interesting for everyone. 

You can learn about the science behind all the machines, gadgets, systems and processes we take for granted. 

Young or old, if you are even a bit of a techy or like to watch programs that explain how things work or how they are made this is the book for you. It is conveniently divided into subject areas from Mechanics, Natural Forces, Materials & Chemistry to Biology & Medicine so you can flip straight to the section that interests you the most. 

Simple language, great colour photographs and everyday examples are used to explain the world you live in.  The kids will love it too (or you can read up on something and then impress them with how clever your are!).  Either way it is not just interesting, it is a fun book that will amaze everyone who picks it up.