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Nurse! Nurse!


On Thursday July 3rd, 2014, a former Londoner donated a 1914 photograph of graduating nurses from the Victoria Hospital Training School.  

She had purchased the photo at a Toronto antique shop and being a nurse herself, felt that the photo belonged in London. 

There are 27 graduates in the photo, six of whom served overseas.  The only Londoner in the group of six was Ada L. Bodkin who served as a nursing sister in the Canadian Army for 3 1/2  years, two of them overseas during the First World War. Ada is in the upper left hand corner of the photo.

After the war, Miss Bodkin was the first matron of the Creche Day Nursery at 284 King Street from 1921 to 1923 and then was a registered nurse at Westminster Hospital for 19 years.  She died on March 16th, 1962 at the age of 82.     

Are you related to one of the nurses in the graduating class of 1914?



1914 Graduating Class of Victoria Hospital Training School

1914 Graduating Class of Victoria Hospital Training School

(This photograph was taken in 1914 by the Frank Cooper Studio in London, Ontario.  Because the photo is 100 years old, it is in the public domain.)