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Honey, the lawnmower is broken!


Small Engine Repair Reference Center

Summer is not quite over and the lawn mower is acting up.  You flip it over and stare at the underside and wonder if there is an easy fix.  While you are contemplating this you remember that when the snowmobile was stashed away at the end of the winter it was making a weird noise. 

Well, you have (with a valid library card) free access to EBSCO's Small Engine Repair Reference Center.  This database has an amazing collection of comprehensive full-text content with detailed yet user-friendly repair guides for all types of small engines.  It has got to be the definitive online tool to assist you with small engine repair.

A simple basic search (my favourite kind) is possible from the home page.  Just enter your search terms in the Find field and click Search. A result list is displayed that lets you select by  item type and then by model number. 

For those of you with advanced research skills just click on the Advanced Search link and enter your search term on the search screen, and select your limiters.

Or, you can select a specific category from the icons such as Outdoor Power Equipment (which is much more productive than staring at the lawn mower) or Snowmobiles (so you don't have to stare at the snowmobile later on in the year). 

Whichever category you select you will be presented with options to narrow down your search through selections such as walk-behind mowers or riding lawn mowers and other terms that let you get to your specific mower. 

As you discover how many different items can be repaired by even a novice do-it-yourselfer you may want to check out some of the tutorials, FAQ's and User Guides that can help you navigate more quickly and efficiently. 

When you are not staring down the lawn mower or remembering the waiting repair job is a great time to get to know this database so you are up and running when it comes time to make a repair. 

Less fuss. Less stress. And, you can impress family and friends with your new expertise and your partner with a big "Honey, I fixed the lawnmower".


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