Is that a fact?

book cover image for Is that a fact? : frauds

Frauds, quacks, and the real science of everyday life

It is starting to become impossible to keep track of what to eat or not eat, drink or not drink to stay healthy. 

We are swamped with miracle foods and miracle diets.

We are also swamped with information about miracle rejuvenators and vitamins and minerals that will make us years younger. 

Once you start paying attention to the chemicals in the environment that should be avoided you almost want to stop eating, drinking and even breathing. 

Joseph A. Schwarcz's Is that a fact? : frauds, quacks, and the real science of everyday life comes to the rescue to help us separate fact from folly and shrewdness from foolishness. 

This book is an easy to understand yet critical look at what is fact and what is just plain nonsense. 

Definitely worth the read.