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Life Beyond Belief

Bob Ripley life beyond belief

Life Beyond Belief: A Preacher's Deconversion

In September 2014 Bob Ripley, a long time ordained minister in the United Church of Canada, shared with the readers of his newspaper column that he had, over many years, come to the conclusion that "religion, all religion, is man-made." This was a powerful and heart felt statement which took a lot of courage to be made in a public forum. 

Ripley states that he now places his value in authenticity and encourages all of us to appreciate the importance of critical thinking and to support "intellectual honesty without fear of rejection or reprisal."

Written with warmth and sincerity this is a book for both committed believers and non-believers and there is food for thought for both groups.

Join us on November 12 for an informative, sensitive and thought provoking talk by Bob Ripley at the Wolf Performance Hall from 7-9 pm.

Ripley's recently published book "Life Beyond Belief: A Preacher's Deconversion" will be available for purchase and signing by the author after the presentation.


Human Made Religion vs. Heaven

I have read Bob Ripley's columns.  I have had the pleasure of hearing him preach.  He is human.  This is a journey we are on.  Religion is made by humans for many reasons. Some have helped many to be better people and others use it to give excuse to be cruel.  Just because religion is made by humans does not denounce Heaven.  Just as more people are seeing religion is made by humans more people are discovering Heaven is real.  Interesting how this goes since church would tell us there is a heaven...but when we really believed it...believed people that had Near Death Experiences and visited heaven we denounced them.  It is not a far throw where Bod has landed.  Heaven will allow him in as it allows everyone.  He will discover the pure love that is preached of.  It is just in a form we are developing as we evolve.  Old Testament, New Testament, and the Modern Testament.  All is well....

I really tried to make sense

I really tried to make sense of this comment, but I'm at a loss. How do you go from admitting that religion is man-made, to somehow confirming the existence of heaven? Isn't that contradictory? Heaven is a purely religious idea (since there is no evidence for it, and no - near death experience anecdotes do NOT qualify as reliable data to any degree), so how is it exempt from the fiction that is religion? Which heaven are you referring to? Since you ignore hell and say that your heaven 'allows everyone' it's definitely not the Christian one. It seems to me that you've invented your own individual concept of some cozy afterlife (as do pretty much all theists) based on your own preferences, and you have nothing but your opinion to defend it...

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