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From addict to Ironman

book cover image: The hurt artist: my journey from suicidal junkie to ironman

Shane Niemeyer's story in The hurt artist : my journey from suicidal junkie to ironman is one of the most astounding stories of recovery from drugs and despair that you could possibly ever read. 

A troubled childhood, heroin addiction and jail led to a failed suicide attempt. 

This failed suicide attempt catapulted Niemeyer on a journey that saw him rise from inmate to an Ironman Triathlon World Championship competitor. 

This story is so much more than a sports biography.  It is a stirring self-portratit that will show everyone who reads it that even desperate circumstances can be surmounted and that nobody is beyond a second chance. 

Niemeyer's story traverses one extreme to another but there are lessons to be learned here even by mid-ground people and their struggles with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 

Engaging, inspiring, funny and sad. and an all-round great read.

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