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The Hornet's Nest

cover image: The hornet's nest - DVD

There are so many instances when reality far outweighs the creation of our imagination.  The Hornet's Nest, a stunning and visually immersive film, is one such instance. 

The feature film uses unprecedented real footage to tell the story of elite groups of U.S. soldiers and Marines sent on dangerous missions deep inside some of Afgthanistan's most hostile valleys.

Complex enemy terrain never before entered and a nine day intense battle happens in the most blood-soaked battlegrounds of the conflict. 

The father and son journalist team that followed behind to film this mission did an amazing job of capturing the sights, sounds and feels of the journey and battle. 

Unlike any Holllywood production this movie will catch your breath as you will know there are no props, no breaks and no easy way out. 

Make the popcorn and put the kids to bed. 

This is a film worth your focused attention.