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Justice in Palestine

book cover image - the battle for justice in Palestine

In The Battle for Justice in Palestine the voice of Ali Abunimah brings to us the present bizarre and ongoing complexity of the Palestine/Israel tragedy.

Filled with staggering details and sophisticated writing Abunimah's book offers an amazing scope and analysis of the political, economical and environmental policies, as well as official and unofficial lobbies, that have come to bear on Palestine. 

With only a superficial understanding of the complex dynamics between Palestine and Israel I found that Abunimah's book gave me the information needed to more clearly understand the struggle of the Palestinian people trying to live in dignity and peace in their own homeland.

These are values we all prize but often take for granted. 

The fight to hold onto them is a fight we can all understand.  Without a doubt, this is the book to read to understand where this struggle has been and where it might be headed.


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