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Climate Change Facts are facts

book cover image:  how to change minds about our changing climate

How to Change Minds about Our Changing Climate

Seth B. Darling's book How to change minds about our changing climate: Let science do the talking the next time someone tries to tell you...The Climate Isn't Changing; Global... Other Arguments It's time to end for good is not only worth reading it is worth owing.

I must confess that while in my heart of hearts I know that we are ruining the planet and responsible for global warming I have never been capable of holding a strong position for that belief - at least not one backed with fact. I do not have the scientific or technological background to ever refute or even just dissuade a global warming skeptic so I have, for the most part, stopped talking about it.

Now, armed with Darling's book I will never be at a loss for words on the topic and I can rejoin the discussions armed with facts that support the reality of global warming. Read the book. Convince everyone you can that the time is now to commandeer positive changes for the planet. Climate change is real and primarily human driven. You can make a difference.