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The Art of Divination

book cover image: tarot

Through the course of history we have been fascinated with the idea of predicting the future and seeing what is in store for us.  One of the most popular forms of divination is predicting the future through the reading of Tarot cards.  TheTarot deck is divided into two sections, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana represent spiritual development and evolution and is heavy on allegorical or exoteric meaning.  The Minor Arcana relate more to everday life and allow the card reader to understand the subtleties and details that surround the major events in a Tarot spread.  Avia Venefica's new book simply called The Tarot is a basic guide to the deck and the meaning of the cards.  It works well as a training manual for beginners and as a quick reference guide for experienced card readers.  You will certainly enjoy the readings and comments in the book even if you have never even seen a deck of Tarot cards.  And, who knows, maybe you will develop a new hobby.


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