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Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

You have applied for several positions and now have been contacted for an interview.  Consider some of the following job interview mistakes to avoid before that important day arrives.

1. You don't show up on time or don't show up at all.  Be considerate of the interviewer's time and arrive a few minutes early on the day and time you are scheduled.


Ways to Find a Job in Tough Times

It is more important than ever to set yourself apart to secure that job during these tough economic times.  Preparation, a clear plan of action, resilience and optimism are crucial factors to create a more productive job search.  Here are a few ways to find a job in tough times:

1.  Always have an updated resume.  This allows you to take advantage of opportunities as soon as you learn about them.

2.  Don't limit your search to only "available" positions.  Spend time researching companies and make connections with people who work there.

Job Search Strategies

Have you been job hunting for some time?  Perhaps you are just beginning your job search?  It is a good idea to think about your job search strategies and ways to help you reach your employment goals.  Here are some strategies that might work for you.

1.) Networking calls:  List everyone you know - family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc.  Talk to everyone on your list!

2.) Contact employers before advertisements occur:  Access "the hidden job market".

3.)  Apply to online postings:  There are numerous sites you

Interview Etiquette

Interview etiquette is an important part of your job search.  What protocols do you need to follow? What should you wear? How do you remain calm before an interview? Here are a few hints and tips to help secure that job.

Good grooming is essential.  Hair and nails should be neat and clean.  It is wise to dress conservatively for an interview; even if the business does not have a dress code.  First impressions count.

Arrive early for your interview; it’s always better to be a few minutes early than late.