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bookalibrarian's blog

The Power of Onlyness

book cover image The Power of Onlyness

Got a "wild" idea? In The Power of Onlyness Nilofer Merchant, who had many doors slammed in her face, says she has a path to make your dream a reality.

Route 66 A.D.

book cover image The Edge of Empire

Get your kicks from ancient Rome to Hadrian's Wall with Sextus Julius Severus, the new governor of Britannia, as your walking guide.

We Have Lift Off

book cover image Spaceman

What is it really like to travel in space? Kirkus Reviews says "Massimino makes having “the right stuff” both breathtaking and formidable."

A Canadian survivor of Auschwitz

book cover image: by chance alone

Max Eisen is a Canadian survivor of Auschwitz. In his recent book By chance alone : a remarkable true story of courage and survival at Auschwitz this amazing man tells of his personal experience and survival of Auschwitz.

A great book for lazy gardeners

fine gardening

I have got to admit -  I might be the laziest gardener in the city, perhaps the province. 

The Burma Spring: Aung San Suu Kyi and the new struggle for the soul of a nation

book cover image

Since the late 1980s Burma (Myanmar) has been governed by the vice-like grip of a military dictatorship. In a country struggling for basic human rights the beacon of democratic hope is embodied in Aung San Suu Kyi.

Oh, the Humanities!

book cover image In Defense of a Liberal Education

Is this going to be on the exam?

To Be Or Not To Be ... Black

book cover image A Chosen Exile

"Passing" began after the US Civil War. It didn't stop for a very long time, afterwards.

Pocket Copenhagen

book cover image: pocket copenhagen

The Lonely Planet travel guide series is the world's leading travel media company with guidebooks to every destination. 

The RBC Taylor Prize Winner is...

book cover image: they left us everything

Plum Johnson's They Left Us Everything