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Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb


Twitter is a free service that people use to send and receive little mini-blogs also known as tweets.

Why is twittering in the news?


I really enjoy reading the news from other cities and countries. Often I will jump on the Internet and look up different newspaper’s website. Recently I was looking for information about an event that happened in Windsor a few years ago. The internet is a great source for information but it isn’t the neatest archive. I went on to E-Library Canada database (available for free with a library card) and did a search for what publications they hold. There are over 250 newspapers available and searchable.

Media Awareness Network

There is no hiding from the media.  It is on our streets, in our homes, at the airport - just about everywhere we look we see advertisements and information.  This is why students are now required to take media education in school.  But what does this mean?  How can we find out more about media education?  One of my favourite websites to find interesting information and definitions of media education is Media Awareness Network.  The library offers programs and information sessions with the experts at

Consumption Habits - Pause to Play

This week is Pause to Play.  A project sponsored by the Middlesex Health Unit and supported by libraries and schools that asks kids to take a week away from the screen and get active.  Although the message isn't exactly about Media Literacy, there is something to be said about taking time away from the computer and television to enjoy the Spring weather and family activities.  I don't think we realize how much time we (or our kids) spend surfing the net and watching the tube.  Perhaps it is time to not only sp

Copyright or Copywrong?

Why has copyright become such an important issue to so many people?  Why should you or I care?  Flickr, iPods, Youtube, DVDs, MP3 players - the way we use new technology could be at risk through more controlled Digital Rights Management (DRM).   We may also lose the ability to use copyright material for personal use, teaching or other reasons that were protected under the Fair Dealing Provisions.