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True North Favourite: The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs

Beloved character, Jillian Jiggs, is a precocious little girl who crafts a family of pigs while she is supposed to be cleaning her room



OCDaniel was one of my top ten favourite Canadian children's books of 2016. This is a middle grade novel about a boy living with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Mended with Gold

rural albert advantage cd

Perhaps I was drawn to the Toronto-based band The Rural Alberta Advantage (colloquially deemed RAA) because my roots are deep in rural Alberta, but the complex coming-of-age sounds keep me coming back

True North Favourite: Ready, Set, Go!

ready set go book

I have been a runner and a huge fan of Robert Munsch's books for years! We have so many amazing trails right here in London

True North Favourite - Canada 365: Every Day Tells a Story

Canada 365 book review

My husband and I received this book (Canada 365 : Every Day Tells a Story) as one of our wedding gifts. It was quite fitting as we were road tripping across the country for our honeymoon

Sounds Like Poetry

Photo of Margaret

Sound as an element can help you create a better poem. Here are some great poetry techniques from Margaret Christakos, Writer-in-Residence

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New Season, New Possibilities!

Getting Away with Murder!


A Presentation on Forensics and History by Author Debra Komar