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mtrstaff's blog

Summer Movies

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While patrons line up at theatres to catch this season's blockbuster titles like Pacific Rim and Grown Ups 2 keep in mind that your London Public Library has

Life is a gift - the Zen of Bennett

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As easy on the ears as it is to hear Tony Bennett croon through a version of his signature song, I left my heart in San Francisco, it is just as easy to read through Tony's recent book

Queen of Vaudeville:The Story of Eva Tanguay

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Long before digital access brought us Netflix or MuchMusic videos and the flamboyant stage acts of performers like Madonna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga there was Eva Tanguay.

Brush up your Shakespeare

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The final week of May sees the Stratford Festival's 2013 season officially open  with productions of

Soccer...the game's afoot

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Soccer is a great spectator sport and a fun game to play for guys and gals of all ages.  If you're looking for

Sing a song

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Everyone has a song to sing and a voice to sing it with. 

Lightning doesn't strike twice

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Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same spot - so the saying goes. 

Cycle London and beyond

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It won't be long now before cycling weather will be here. If you want to make sure your bicycle is in top shape,