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mtrstaff's blog

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

What do you do when you're a senior and  you realize life's deck of cards has dealt you a rum hand?  The protaganists in this film based on British writer Deborah Moggach's novel These Foolish Things are English pensioners who, independently from one another, book a vacation  in Jaipur, India.  Their destinies bring them together to the retirement villa The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with all its ameniities for the mature traveler - so they were led to believe.  A regal cast that includes  Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson and others

Winter hiking and camping

book cover image

If you enjoy camping and hiking experiences in all seasons especially winter it looks like there's still time to don the red woolies for another outing.  The Library's selection of snow camping titles is available here.  

Find your laugh

book cover imageA book cover is suspect as to its content sometime.  A subtitle reveals a bit more as Jessica says, "I love your laugh,..finding the light in my screwball life".  Jessica Holmes is one of Canada's beloved comedians and she shares her life, as it is so far, on the road to comedy.  Her central theme is finding the laughter in her life and she finds it in some rather interesting places..  She discovers

Canadian eh? That's funny!

book cover imageIt's been said that when you can laugh at yourself you gain a broader perspective of life.  If that's the case then Canadians have a wide range of topics to laugh about while we don't  take ourselves too seriously. 

Personal fitness resolve

book cover imageWhat's the most oft stated New Year's resolution we hear ubiquitously at the beginning of every January?  Well next to I'm not going to spend so much next Xmas it's probably a version of I'm going to get fit, exercise more, get in shape and stay in shape!  Oh I'm wheezing already and my calves are cramping up at the very thought of subjecting my body to regular exercise.  Take heart.  It doesn't have to

Die Fledermaus

Ringing in the New Year has many traditions and one such festive touch is attending a production, watching a DVD or listening to a CD of the spirited operetta Die Fledermaus (The Bat) by Johann Strauss II often referred to as the Waltz King.  You can check the Library's selection of this work here.   Die Fledermaus premiered on April 5, 1874 in Vienna and has been a perennial hit with audiences since its successful stage debut.  The Ball scene of Act II is often&n

Paralympic Games

book cover imageDid you know that the Paralympic Games is the second largest multi-sport festival on earth?  In this rather short book (172p) author Ian Brittain provides a comprehensive overview of this mega-sport movement and its importance to the world of international competition for physically challenged athletes.  Further reading on the Paralympic Games and sports for people with disabilities is available here.

Hockey Night in Canada

book cover image

Greetings hockey fans from coast to coast.  As you wait for the NHL to settle a contract  agreement  this season here's a brand new title , Hockey Night in Canada: 60 seasons, to leaf through while

Your favourite Bond...

bok cover imageGold Bond?  No, not the therapeutic skin lotion but the real Bond - well that is author Ian Fleming's James Bond.   That resilient, resourceful and suave agent of espionage lore who always manages to foil the sinister forces and keep Britain and the world safely out of harm's way.  Which is your favourite

Chess - What's your gambit?

The preface to The Oxford Companion to Chess, 1984 ed. states, "No game has surpassed chess in the extent to which it has commanded a following in all countries of the known world for many centuries.