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slstaff's blog

A Saga of Six Sisters

book cover image for The Sisters

Six sisters! What fun!!  And inevitably - what drama!! 

My Heart is an Idiot

book cover image

'My Heart Is An Idiot' --Who can resist such a title!  Because we've all sometime or other fallen for the wrong person, taken up a lost cause, or had things go sadly wrong, these stories from Davy Rothbart's life will resonate, amuse and entertain.

Bicentenary Birthdays in 2013

Book cover image

Bring out the birthday cake and candles and let's celebrate some famous people who were born 200 years ago in 1813!

Literary Spouses

book cover image

"Behind every good man is a good woman" is a common saying, but when it comes to literature, the relationship between spouses is even more complex.

Captain Bligh's Reputation - A Public Relations Disaster?

book cover image for BlighThe legendary story of the mutiny on the Bounty reveals such a small slice of  Captain Bligh's nautical career and personal character! 



Autopsying Authors' Medical Mysteries

book cover image

It would appear to be a case of The Bard meets House, M.D. in the intriguing new book Shakespeare's Tremor and Orwell's Cough.
Were Shakespeare's shaky handwriting, his obsession with venereal disease, and his premature retirement connected?

Detecting Agatha Christie

book cover image for Grand Tour

Who was the woman, Agatha, behind the mystery writer, and what sort of life did she live? Three new books have recently arrived

Dangerous Ambition

book cover imageWas achieving success in the public world of work and the private world of personal relationships so different for women a century ago?

Exploring the lives of two outstanding writers, Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson, "new women" of the early

2012 Centenary Birthdays

book cover imageWho's celebrating a 200th birthday this year?

Lest We Forget

book cover image How better to remember, honour and acknowledge the debt we owe those who fought, than by giving attention to their own recorded words and thoughts about their participation in the war which swept away all vestiges of their normal lives?