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Home, Garden and DIY

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook

book cover imageHave you ever wanted to have dinner with Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, or Bob Denver? With this cookbook and a bit of imagination, you can!

Best of the Best

Book Cover ImageWith so many fabulous new cookbooks out there, where do you get the time to find the best recipes in each of them?

The Food Allergy Cookbook

book cover imageThanksgiving is fast approaching and all I can think about is a turkey dinner with stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood

A friend of mine first discovered quinoa (keen-wah) a few years ago when she began eating gluten free.

Being Green should never make you blue

There is so much information available and wading through endless resources can leave you feeling blue.  When it comes to greening your life as an environmental, health or social choice selecting the material you want, in print or online, is as simple as utilizing your public library resources.

You want me to EAT that!

Microgreens are the first green leaves of many herbs and vegetables. They have a stronger flavour than sprouts and they are grown in soil.

Stock Your Freezer

book coverIf you are like me, you've been burned by cookbooks before. You know the ones - the cover looks great, lots of hype, the pictures are glossy and delicious-looking, but after buying it you only end up liking one or two of the recipes. So, now I rarely buy a cookbook without first test-driving a library copy. My most recent test drive was fabulous, and not only will I buy a copy for myself, but I may gift a few copies too.

Gotta new digital camera?

Tom Ang's How to photograph absolutely everything : successful pictures from your digital camera is a great instructional book that leaves the technical jargon behind for clear, understandable, step-by-step instructions in the art of p

Easy Entertaining

Holiday entertaining can be stress-filled or fun-filled depending on the approach you take to decorating and menu planning. You want to be able to select a menu that will entice and please your guests but you also want to be sure that it doesn't keep you tied up in the kitchen. If you build menus around dishes that you already know how to make you can touch them up by adding one or two new recipes.

Diabetic Cookbooks

Diabetic cooking does not need to limit you to preparing meals that are dull or tasteless.