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Searching for Work




Worktrends is your one-stop shop for up-to-date, local information about employment in London and surrounding areas. Have you checked it out yet?

Here Comes Career Cruising 2.0!

The Career Cruising electronic database, is a comprehensive, streamlined, interactive, career guidance tool that enables you to explore, plan and chart a way forward to a successful career… or two.


- provides access to detailed occupation profiles and comprehensive post-secondary education information to help you navigate your career path

Networking? Ughh!… Hmmm… Aha!!!

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As a job seeker, you constantly hear these words: ‘80% of the jobs that are available never get advertised’ or even better, ‘Networking is the #1 way to find a job today’… and just the thought of networking [gulp]

Did You Know?

At the Library, we're committed to helping you navigate the maze that is called 'Job Searching.'  Did you know that every month there is a Searching for Work information session

Get Hired!

STOP!!! Before you send out that job application, hear what the experts have to say about creating the resume and cover letter that will get you noticed! Don't be rejected from the 'pool' because of incorrect content, or layout or formatting...


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The Library’s ERCs are now closed and you’re probably thinking ‘where do I go from here?’ Well, you can start by visiting our Programs and Events  page to find out about career information sessions and workshops @ the Library.