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Searching for Work

Using the LEDC website to research a company

Researching a company that you would like to apply to is a very important step in your job search.  Often, job seekers come into the library looking for a way to get essential information about companies in the London area and one of the tools I like to consult is

Mastering your Career Change

Changing your career path is really hard and daunting but if you've already decided and you want to start this process, be sure to Master this Step!

There are multiple challenges associated with the career-change process so you have to employ some powerful techniques and strategies such as:

*Know exactly what you want to pursue

*Find your targeted field and research company types

*Highlight your best transferable skills which relate to your new field

How To Sell Yourself

From Arch Lustberg comes an excellent publication titled "How To Sell Yourself : Using Leadership, Likability, and Luck To Succeed".  This is a terrific resource for those needing that extra edge in the job interview.  Lustberg emphasizes the need to gain contol over yourself, and not to panic in an interview situation.  If one appears nervous, it will show to the interviewer and come across as you having a lack of confidence.  The a

How to Differentiate Yourself when Applying for a Job?

More and more, employers are using techniques that allow them to easily screen applicants for specific credentials, whether online using the keywords detectors or the quick 30 seconds scanning for paper resumes. Therefore, your resume should be done professionally and it should contain the information that will differentiate you from others.

London Tech Week

Did you know that the city of London hosts a "tech week" every year, a tradition started in 2007? This year, tech week is  from March 29- April 1.Tech week showcases London's technology companies and resources. It offers an opportunity to educate oneself on the advanced technology  and possible technology careers available in this city. Techweek also presents networking opportunities for  those entering the tech field and professionals looking to enhance their skills set. Check out the Techalliance website for details on what's happening this week; workshops, seminars, etc.

Thank you!

On Friday, February 26, 2010 the Library's Employment Resource Centre's staff hosted a very successful 9th Annual Forum, "The New World of Job Searching" at the Westmount Branch Library.  This year's focus was on the impact that new technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are having on 21st century job searches, and provided an excellent professional development opportunity for employees from the many agencies in and around London that offer much needed support to job seekers.

Be yourself - stand out

There are many things a person needs to take into consideration when applying for a job. Being unique and standing out the from  the rest is an excellent way to bring your resume to the top of the pile.

As you have been told a million times, "you are unique." Well, this "unique factor" could give you an edge and help you find a job. It could be your ability to complete physically demanding jobs, knowning a different language, previous experience working for a certain big company, volunteering experience, playing sports, being a computer nerd, etc. The list goes on...

Networking is essential in finding a job you like

It always amazes me how people can find a job when they are not even looking for it. I have encountered many cases when, while echanging information, patrons have informed others about employment opportunities which have not been advertised online nor in the newspapers. Other times, I have seen ads posted in store fronts, restaurants, etc. looking for employees. Many times, it is through an innocent chat, that we get to the topic of "did you know..."

Green Jobs Now?

Do you have questions about the future of green jobs in the London and Middlesex area? Join us Tuesday, February 16 from 10 am to 2 pm for our Green Jobs forum and learn more about green innovators, educational opportunities and green job creation. Participants include: Solcan, Green Infrastructure Inc., Ontario Ministry of the Environment, City of London, Lambton College, University of Guelph, Canadian Centre for Environmental Education and Fanshawe College.