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Searching for Work

Living a Worry-Free Life

Looking for a new job can be worry-inducing at the best of times. But if you're in the situation where you are looking for work because you have to - perhaps you were laid off from your last job, or you're a recent graduate - the worry job hunting creates can become completely overwhelming. Personally, I've always been a bit of a worrier, but luckily, I recently had the opportunity to hear worry management expert, author, and TV personality Denise Marek share her four-step process for managing worry:


ERC...who are we?

Update: As of July 7, 2012  all Employment Resource Centres closed at London Public Library. We continue to help with information and tools to assist your search for work. Find out more.

Employment Resource Centre (ERC) is a government funded department of London Public Library, which provides free service to those who are searcing for work, as well as computer access to those wishing to claim their Employment Insurance or to submit their Employment Insurance report.

"Toot your own horn"

Portfolios for me have always conjured up images of the artistic types,   (painters, sculptors, models, architects, fashion designers), with folders full of sketches or photographs of their work. But nowadays portfolios have become essential for every profession if one wants to stand out from the crowd of job seekers. Portfolios are your career DNA-showing a record of your work ; demonstrating your skills, knowledge, competencies, and accolades. It is the easiest way to "toot your own horn."

Job Search Tactics

With the unemployment rate on the rise, many job seekers have found the already stressful task of searching for work becoming even more challenging and worry-inducing. Some creative job seekers are employing rather unique job search methods in the hopes of landing their dream jobs. Whether they provide you with inspiration, or simply a good laugh, check out what these innovative souls have been up to:

Jason Fruen

Go online: search faster - find more

In times such as these, when more and more people are competing for the same types of jobs, it is important  to use as many resources as possible to find the best job available. Efficiency is crucial. When it comes to job hunting online, three different approaches come to my mind: a) general online job board, b) business directories / phone directories, c) classifieds.

1) Online Job Boards

Student Summer Job Search

It's not even the middle of March yet, but it's already time to start thinking about Summer Jobs, that is. With the recent economic downturn, it's even more important now than ever for students to secure work before school's out. So mark Tuesday, March 17, 2009 on your calendar because

Mastering the Cold Call

Cold Calling is a way of approaching prospective employers by telephone to express your interest in working for them and to see if any vacancies are coming up in the future. Contacting a potential employer in such a way requires a great deal of initiative and can be quite stressful.

What do interviewers really want?

So you've done a great job search preparation, submitted all your documents(resume, cover letter and references) and here comes the important call you've been waiting for! You're invited to an interview...It's time for you to SELL YOURSELF!

Many people fail this important step because they don't know how to sell themselves in the interview. This simply means to convince the interviewer that you possess the qualifications and skills listed in your resume and that they match the job requirements. So what do interviewers really want?? 

Insider Secrets

Have you been sending out resumes and not getting any response? Have you had interviews that you thought went really well and then you never heard from the company again? Or worse yet, have you had interviews that ended abruptly after only a few minutes and you don't understand why?

Retail Jobs for the Holidays

In need of some extra cash this holiday season?  Perhaps you are in the process of seeking new or first time employment?  Now may be the best time to look.  As we approach the Christmas season, many retailers seek extra help as stores gear up for the busy period.