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Searching for Work

Making a Plain Text Resume

Many employers nowadays are asking applicants to submit resumes via email (aka, e-resumes). So, what's the best format to send your resume in? PDF? Word? Word Perfect? A quick answer is whatever format an employer specifies, whether it be Word or PDF. That being said, most employers don't specify a preferred format and if you're not sure, the best kind of resume to send is a plain text copy.

Exploring Career Options with a B.A.

So, you've graduated from university with a BA and have no idea how to find employment. You can probably guess it's not every day that the newspaper prints a want ad for an artist or poet. When most people find out your major they probably think, "Good luck finding a job", but the truth is, there are a number of career opportunities out there for people with an arts degree.

Going Green?

You've heard about the federal Liberal's Green Shift plan in the news. It's kind of hard to miss hearing about it. The environment is a huge issue today and it seems that everyone is 'Going Green'. It's about time too. Have you thought about 'Going Green' as you plan your career choice, or hunt for another job? You can connect your personal eco-values with your professional occupation in a number of ways.

Skilled Trades

Tired of your previous career? Not able to find work in your field of experience? You may want to consider retraining in a skilled trade.

"Private By-Invitation-Only"

On Easter Sunday this year Sear's department store opened its doors to customers with a "Private By-Invitation-Only" card. I am sure those who received the cards felt privileged and special and all other shopaholics were scrambling trying to find ways to get these invitation cards. This puts me in mind of the London Job Market, whereby entering the market and successfully participating in it can be likened to one of these "By-Invitation-Only" themes.

Career Portfolios

A great tool for developing your career, which is gaining popularity, is the career portfolio. A career portfolio is an evolving collection of documents showing your professional development, work history, qualifications and accomplishments. It can be used both as a self-marketing tool and as a personal reminder of your progress over time.

Using the Internet in Your Job Search

The Internet has greatly influenced how organizations advertise their job openings and locate potential candidates to fill them.  Companies may use the Internet as a recruitment tool.  You can use the Internet to visit a company's web site, find their job postings, and explore how the organization guides you to apply for an opening.

"But, I've never needed a résumé before."

I have heard that statement a number of times, but only from people 'over 45' who find themselves unexpectedly looking for work.  In the past, it was not unusual to find work from within a network of friends and get hired based on a simple handshake.   Many people have had one primary job and have held it for several years.  Even if they had a resume then, they likely do not have a current up-to-date one now.

Travel to your summer job!

Want to combine travel, adventure and a summer job? Think about heading to the Yukon. Several years ago my son went on a 3 week vacation to the Yukon and while there visited Dawson City.  He had a great time as he met a lot of youth living and working there for the summer. He liked it so much that he went back the next summer and ended up staying for 13 years!

Need A Summer Job?

Yes, it is a cold and wintry January but it is not too early to start looking for your summer job. The City of London advertised their 2008 summer jobs last November. Other government postings will be available soon. Many large companies also start looking for their summer students in the winter or early spring.

Want to do an effective job search? Here is a check-list of things to start thinking about: