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Mini World Skating Championship in London in 1985

From October 24th to 27th, 1985, 45 skaters from 12 countries (Austria, Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Soviet Union, United States and West Germany) participated in Skate Canada at the London Gardens.  One of the many stars was silver medallist Elizabeth Manley from Trenton, Ontario. 


Freedom and Skating

On May 7th, 1947, world figure skating champion, Barbara Ann Scott (1928-2012)  visited London and

Another World Figure Skating Championship in London

On December 10th, 1980, Governor-General Ed Shreyer and his wife, Lily, opened the 1981 World Junior Figure Skating Championships at The University of Western Ontario's Thompson Arena.


Speeeeed Skaaaaaaating


Photo of Charles Jewtraw in speed skating pose

Charles Jewtraw, an Olympic skating champion, performed at the London Skating Club's Ice Festival on February 19th, 1926 before an audience of 1,500 spectators at the London Arena.  On

World Famous Figure Skater Performs in London in 1864

Almost 150 years ago on February 9, 1864, Jackson Haines (1840-1975) of New York performed at the London Skating Rink.  His repertoire included the clog hornpipe, the double cross back roll, the double grape vine twist and the sewing stitch.  Haines, the father of modern figure skating, is credited with inventing the sit spin and was the first skater to perform to musical accompaniment. 


Icy Blast from the Past

The 2013 ISU World Figure Skating Championships are coming to London's Budweiser Gardens in March.  150 years ago this month on February 5, 1863, the London Skating Club hosted the grand opening of its rink on the southwest angle of Lake Horn (near present-day Kenneth Avenue and Waterloo Street).  The rink even contained a small refreshment room.  Stay tuned for more blogs on skating.     


The longest overdue book ever at LPL

Recently, the New York Public Library had a book returned that was 55 years overdue which prompted one of our patrons to ask, "What's the longest overdue book ever returned to London Public Library?"

Women Unite!

Almost 120 years ago, the inaugural meeting of the London Local Council of Women was attended by 2,000 women on February 14th, 1894.  This local council still exists and is affiliated with the National Council of Women, which has been working for women since 1893.  Harriet Ann Boomer, wife of the principal of Huron college, was president of the local council from 1897 to 1920.    


Raise a Pint and Enjoy the Haggis

Happy Robbie Burns Day!!  Did you know that:

1. After Queen Victoria and Christopher Columbus, Robert Burns (January 25, 1759 to July 21, 1796) has more

Auld Lang Syne

For over 30 years, former Londoner Guy Lombardo (1902-1977) and his Royal Canadians rang in the New Year at the Roosevelt Grill in New York City with their rendition of Auld Lang Syne.  Guy's musical career began when his father purchased a three-quarter sized violin for him.   Anthony Vita, who died  65 years ago tomorrow on January 9th, 1948, gave Guy his first music lesson.