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I am my Family

     Chilean/Canadian photographer Rafael Goldchain whose parents immigrated to Chile before the start of the Second World War, describes his family history as one "defined by exile".

The First London Public Library

This originally coloured "patriotic" postcard of the first London Public Library was mailed from London to Mader's Cove, Nova Scotia on February 13, 1905. Postage required: one cent! On that day, according to the note on the card, it was very cold: -15 F or -26.1 C. We rarely have such cold temperatures now.... ~Lisa

African Methodist Episcopal Church

275 Thames Street

This is the site of the first church of the Black Community in London, Upper Canada (now Ontario). It is believed that the American orator and Harper's Ferry revolt leader John Brown spoke at the church in the summer of 1858, a gathering to which only those who knew the password were admitted. Reports suggest that Brown's objective was to form a Black military company which would ultimately join with other companies in St. Catherines, Chatham, and Windsor to aid in his planned revolution. This objective was obviously never realized.However, this church existed in a much wider historical context.

One of London's Most Famous Weddings

"At the Tecumseh House, London, Ont., on the 21st August, 1869, by the Rev. William Briggs, Wesleyan Minister, Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, of New York, to Miss Frank Armstrong, daughter of Mrs. M.E. and the late Robert Crawford, Esq., of Mobile, Ala."

Blackfriars Bridge c. 1880

Blackfriars Bridge

Blackfriars - London's oldest bridge was officially opened on September 27, 1875.