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Three Mid-Wives

book cover image Staking Claims

At Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln called on Americans to ensure their nation would have “a new birth of freedom.”  But Canada and the Confederacy were having their own labour pains.

Local History 45 rpm

book cover image A DJ's Spin

London Free Press journalist James Reaney says "Dick Williams has loomed tall in my London for at least 50 years."

The best place to be: Expo 67 and its time

book cover image

From April to October 1967 Montreal, Quebec played host to the world's exhibition known as Expo 67. 

The West And The Rest?

book cover image The Silk Roads

One leading scholar says its time to re-write the history books, this time looking East.

Calming The Waters

book cover image How To Relax

How to Relax is part of The Mindfulness Essentials series of how-to titles by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Chariot of Fire

book cover image For The Glory

If you had a chance to win a gold medal in the Olympics, would you let anything get in your way? One Scotsman did.

Don't Go There

book cover image Atlas of Cursed Places

Some places, it seems, are better left unexplored.

Hollywood Saint

book cover image Aimee Semple McPherson

The "most famous woman in America" was born and raised just outside Ingersoll.

Sacks & Violence

book cover image Not In God's Name

Why does religion seem to beget violence? A best-selling rabbi tackles a global issue.

Big Ears, Big Heart

book cover image Amber's Donkey

The first time he saw Amber coming, he lowered his head so she could wrap her arms around his nose.