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Local History

Find out more about Who Lived in your House

Here are the steps to finding out more about the people who lived in your house in the past or ran a business in your place of business.

Find the History of Your House

Researching the History of Your House

Here are the steps to go through to find the history of your house or building at the Library. 

Londoners of the Past: Mr. Justice John Wilson

My Justic John Wilson

An early pioneer lawyer, judge and politician of London, Ontario, John Wilson was born in Scotland, February 5, 1807, coming first to

Office Staff Practices, 1852 (Part Two)

Imagine if these were our business rules now!

No talking during business hours.

Tobacco, wines or spirits are forbidden to all members of the clerical staff.

Historic London Photographs

Ivey Family London Room Digital Collections

Engine 86

Engine 86Engine 86


Engine 86 was manufactured by the Canadian Locomotive Company in 1910. After 48 years of service with the Grand Trunk Railway and the Canadian National Railway, it was donated to the city in 1958, commemorating London’s 100 year history as a railway centre.

London Public Library History

1835 The third Mechanics' Institute, forerunner of today's public library, in Upper Canada is established in London, the first two being in York (now Toronto) in 1831 and Kingston in 1834. A self-improvement centre for "the working class", the Institute offers concerts, exhibitions, lectures and a lending library.

December 8, 1840 The Mechanics' Institute is revived in London.