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Picture the universe

The universe is still unfolding and our fascination with it grows and expands right along side. 

Extinction and Evolution

Book Cover Image - Extinction and Evolution

Evolution is one of the greatest ideas ever conceived by the human mind. 

Loving uncertainty!

book cover image: the quantum moment: how Planck, Bohr, Einstein, and Heisenberg taught us to love uncertainty

What do you get when you put a philosopher and a physicist together?

The Nearest Star - Our Sun

book cover image: Nearest star: the surprising science

The Sun is the only star near enough to us to be studied and scientists have not been shy about persuing those studies. 


book cover image: the chemistry of alchemy

 The Precursor to Chemistry

The Cosmos

book cover image: my brief history

We are definitely living in a time of miraculous discovery and accomplishment.

The Universe

book cover image - the universe : leading sientist explore the origin, mysteries, and future of the cosmos

Have you ever wondered

Is that a fact?

book cover image for Is that a fact? : frauds

Frauds, quacks, and the real science of everyday life