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What does your carbon footprint look like?

Melting polar ice caps and catastrophic climate change that occurs almost simultaneously around the world are the most obvious signs that our climate is changing and threatening our very existence. We need to know how to help stop this planetary destruction but understanding the difference between climate and weather, global warming and the hole in the ozone layer and how we can help is a lot to absorb.  Learn what your carbon foot print looks like and

Penny, the Peregrine Falcon

Recently back from the taxidermist, Penny the Peregrine Falcon is on display at the Central Library. 

penny the peregrine falcon photograph

She was apparently killed in 2006 by flying into the reflective glass window of her home (the TD Canada Trust tower).  It is possible that she was distracted when chasing a rival (a younger female).  She is on loan to the library for a couple of months by Peter Read of the McIlwraith Field Naturalists.  Her many admirers who have only seen her as a speck on top of her home, or through binoculars, will now have the opportunity to see her large and up close.

Check out the Science Resource Center!

Want to check out the latest article on climate change?  Does your child need a great science project idea? You can find scientific articles, biographies, topic overviews and more at the Science Resource Center.  This science research database gives you reliable, easy to find information about topics from astronomy to zoology. Need help using an information database?  Click here.

The Physics of the Impossible

Eventually all science fiction becomes science Fact.  Ever wonder about death rays, time travel and teleportation?  "The Physics of the Impossible" by Michio Kaku has got it all.  Every sci-fi idea is considered here is a serious way, with a look at the near and distant future.   A must-read!


What do these 3 questions have in common?

"How do I build a suspension bridge?", "How many people paid income tax in Ontario last year" and "Can you recommend other authors who write like Meg Cabot?"

These are all questions we've answered through our askON virtual reference service. Quicker than sending an email, you can now ask us a question and we’ll help you with the answer simply by typing in a chat box on our website. You don't need a special account, it doesn't cost anything, you don't need to be a technology whiz and it's convenient and easy. We provide help to people of all ages, whether you are a child looking for information for a school project to a senior investigating a health issue.

Taking Care of Our Home

At this time of year,  gift giving abounds as we search for the "perfect present" for a family member or friend. How about thinking bigger - how about a gift for everyone?


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Ask Dr. Math
If you have a math question, this is a good place to start. Click on "Ask Dr. Math" under "Student Center".

Inventions & Inventors

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See Biography section under Staff Picks on our Website.

Thomas Edison's Most Famous Inventions

Chemistry & Physics

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In My Community

Nature London
Over 125 years old, this local organization promotes environmental awareness, enhances habitat and protects natural areas.  Members can participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count or the Butterfly Census, among other activities.