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Bicentenary Birthdays in 2013

Book cover image

Bring out the birthday cake and candles and let's celebrate some famous people who were born 200 years ago in 1813!

Captain Bligh's Reputation - A Public Relations Disaster?

book cover image for BlighThe legendary story of the mutiny on the Bounty reveals such a small slice of  Captain Bligh's nautical career and personal character! 



Find your laugh

book cover imageA book cover is suspect as to its content sometime.  A subtitle reveals a bit more as Jessica says, "I love your laugh,..finding the light in my screwball life".  Jessica Holmes is one of Canada's beloved comedians and she shares her life, as it is so far, on the road to comedy.  Her central theme is finding the laughter in her life and she finds it in some rather interesting places..  She discovers

Dangerous Ambition

book cover imageWas achieving success in the public world of work and the private world of personal relationships so different for women a century ago?

Exploring the lives of two outstanding writers, Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson, "new women" of the early

2012 Centenary Birthdays

book cover imageWho's celebrating a 200th birthday this year?

Lest We Forget

book cover image How better to remember, honour and acknowledge the debt we owe those who fought, than by giving attention to their own recorded words and thoughts about their participation in the war which swept away all vestiges of their normal lives? 

The Astaires

In the 1920's Fred Astaire and his sister Adele were at the height of their success dancing and weaving and bringing to life classic Gershwin tunes.  They pretty well single handedly defined the Jazz Age.  Author Kathleen Riley's new book The Astaires' traces the history of this great brother and sister team fr

Mick and Carole - Still standing after 50 years

Marc Spitz's new book Jagger: rebel, rock star, rambler, rogue will keep you almost as spellbound as the rocker himself who has remained a constant presence in popular culture for fifty years, albeit aloof and distant.  Spitz is an experienced and well renowned journalist, author (Bowie: A Biography) and music blogger for Va

A Little Known Canadian Mystery

Well-known Canadian author Roy MacGregor has written another bestseller.  His latest book, Northern Light: The Enduring Mystery of Tom Thomson and the Woman Who Loved Him, boasts new details about the untimely death of Group of Seven artist Tom Thomson, on July 8, 1917, in Ontario's Algonquin Park.

Thomson's official cause of death was accidental drowning in Canoe Lake, just hours after he set out alone in his canoe for another one of his frequent wildern

Why my Third Husband will be a Dog

book cover imageIf you read thrillers or the 'Philadelphia Inquirer', then you no doubt recognize the name Lisa Scottoline: she's the bestselling author behind such hits as 'Daddy's Girl' and 'Lady Killer', and she also writes a weekly column for the 'Inquirer'. "Why my Third Husband will be a Dog" , an anthology